My name is Matthew LaMar. This is my blog.

By day, I’m a freelance writer and editor. By night, I am the most un-Batman you have ever seen (read: boring), but I can probably beat you at Rocket League. I graduated from William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri, with a degree in Oxbridge Music–a fancy honors degree that emphasized writing, critical thinking, and water polo, in that order. As part of my edumacation, I spent a full academic year in England at the University of Cambridge, wherein I drank surprisingly little tea. If you ask nicely, I’ll tell you a story about the time the Brits flipped their lid about snow, or when a friend of mine completely missed a baseball reference.

I reside with my lovely wife, Natalie, in Kansas City, Kansas.

Other interests of mine include gaming, reading, performing music, watching baseball,  and riding the largest rollercoasters known to mankind. I also write about the Kansas City Royals at RoyalsReview.com, simultaneously the best and dumbest Royals blog on the internet.

Feel free to contact me at musician42@gmail.com or to comment on my posts. Suggestions, ideas, opinions about cheese, etc. are welcome.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy.


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